How to open a Perfect Money account in the most detailed way

To be able to use the e-wallet, first, you need to understand what a PerfectMoney e-wallet is.

Perfect Money (abbreviated: PM) is an online payment gateway, also known as an electronic wallet which is similar to PayPal, Skrill, etc. It allows users to make money transfers, receive money, and pay online safely and almost instantly.

Steps for opening a Perfect Money account (e-wallet):

Step 1: Visit the website

On the interface, click “SIGNUP” to create a Perfect Money account.

Step 2: Fill in the required personal information

You need to provide information about yourself to be able to open a PerfectMoney account.

The information includes:

  • Account (Account name).
  • Full name (Your full name).
  • City (The city where you live).
  • Address (Your address, optional).
  • Country (The country where you live).
  • Postcode (Your city postal code).
  • Email (Your personal email)
  • Phone/fax (Phone number, optional, only used if 2-step verification is required).

Next is the information on:

  • Account type: For normal users, select “Personal”.
  • Password for your PerfectMoney account (e-wallet).

Then scroll down to complete the information form.

Below is the Turing number. You need to fill it in again to ensure security.

Agree to terms and conditions.

Click on “Register” to create an account.

Step 3: Access your email to get your member ID

After completing the registration process of PerfectMoney, a message appears asking you to check your email to get a member ID.

Step 4: Search for member ID of Perfect Money in your email

Check your email (including spam) for an email of PerfectMoney, then look in your email for your member ID.

Step 5: Log into Perfect Money with the ID just received

Return to the interface of PerfectMoney and click “Login” to log in to your account.

The steps are as follows:

  • Enter the membership ID you just received.
  • Enter the password just created.
  • Turing number.

Finally, click “Authorize” to login.

After logging in, an interface of your account appears. At this point, you have successfully created your PerfectMoney account.

Pros and cons of PerfectMoney

  • Perfect Money is widely popular with a friendly interface in diverse languages. It is easy to register, but it is absolutely secure. Especially, it has a relatively low charge.
  • This e-wallet supports different currencies such as USD, EUR, GOLD, and even BTC. It is very convenient for online payment as well as transactions.
  • The processing time for payments is relatively fast, depending on the partners that PerfectMoney cooperates with. However, because of its security, the delay is inevitable.

In conclusion

Above is the detail on how to register a Perfect Money e-wallet for you. This is a type of wallet used a lot in online transactions and payments today. Create yourself a PerfectMoney account if you need a safe method to trade or make money online.