Perfect Money is one of the most popular payment systems for cashless payments on the Internet, which began its work in 2007.

The company positions itself as an ideal service that allows you to quickly and safely manage your finances. And its main feature is the complete privacy of users.

Perfect Money Finance Corp is registered in Panama, and the company has offices in Zurich and Hong Kong.

Today, Perfect Money allows customers to make anonymous money transfers, including regular payments for fixed amounts, pay for goods and services on the Internet, supports the option of storing fiat and cryptocurrencies with interest on the balance, there is a separate lending function within the system and much more.

Despite its popularity, Perfect Money has an ambiguous reputation. Therefore, further we will examine in more detail the features of using the payment system and analyze the feedback of real users.

Login to Perfect Money

To login Perfect Money, you need to do the following:

  1. Click on the “Login” tab.
  2. Enter client ID and password.
  3. Confirm your actions.

Next, we analyze in more detail the login process and the functionality of the service.

To enter the system you will need to use a combination of numbers (customer ID-code), which was sent earlier by e-mail and the password specified during registration.

Go to the “Login” section on the main page of the site and enter the necessary data.

To confirm your actions, enter the security code indicated on the screen and click the “Login” button.

After successful login, the user opens the page of the client area (personal account).

At the top of the screen is a toolbar for quickly navigating to the desired section of your personal account.

Upon entering the client area, each user is greeted by the My Account section.

Here is concentrated reference information about your accounts, data on all open accounts, transaction history, and you can also see the established security settings.

Perfect Money provides 3 types of accounts for its customers:

Normal – all new clients of the system receive this status immediately after registration.
Premium – is provided for customers who have been registered in the system for more than 1 year or if the turnover on the user’s balance exceeds $ 100,000.
Partner – assigned more often to large customers representing a payment system, exchange office. The decision to assign a status is made by the administration of Perfect Money.
The status of your account can be seen in the corresponding data block of the My Account section.

To reduce risk factors when making online transactions, it is important to take care of protecting your account.

Service Perfect Money offers its users several tools to protect your account:

  1. User authentication (enabled by default) – implies sending an additional security code to the client’s e-mail address if you log in to your account from a different IP address. This feature is provided to all customers of the service for free.
  2. SMS authorization (paid option) – every time you log into your account, the system will send SMS with a PIN code to the client’s mobile phone. The received code must be entered for authorization in the system. Each SMS message costs $ 0.1.
  3. Code card – by activating this option, a set of codes will be sent to your e-mail, which must be used for each transaction of sending funds.
  4. API – this option is used if you need to configure automatic payment acceptance.

To enable / disable any of the above options, click on the “Change Settings” link, and then in the “Security” section click “Change Security Settings”.

In addition to the My Account menu, there are 10 more sections at the disposal of users:

Quick payment – this button provides quick access to the simplified interface for sending internal transfers to Perfect Money. Significantly saves your time.
Internal transfer – used to send funds within the Perfect Money system.
Exchange – in this section you can exchange the currency in the direction you need in just a few seconds.
Enter – a menu for replenishing an account.
Withdraw – a menu for withdrawing funds.
Statement – in this section you can find detailed information on operations on accounts in various details.
Analytics – provides an overview of the financial press.
Internal mail is a section for exchanging letters with the administration of the system.
History – This contains the history of all transactions. Information can be filtered by various criteria, and the download option is also available.
Settings – in this section, the user can change the settings of his profile, including setting security parameters, setting up notifications, connecting a sub-account, and also pass verification.

Perfect Money Verification

But besides the fact that it is one of the important components of good account protection, verification allows you to access more advanced system features, in particular the ability to send and receive bank transfers.

To verify your account, go to “Settings” → “Verification Management”.

The verification procedure for clients of Perfect Money includes 3 stages and involves the verification of identity documents and verification of the phone number. Verification status can be monitored on the Verification Management page.